Life should be lived with no filter. This collection of poetry and short stories exemplifies that idea and more. #nofilter touches on love, nature, cats, and diversity. Featuring work both old and new, Siders writes with no-holds-barred and isn’t afraid to speak the truth even if others are.

Every one has a story. Tales of horror, magic, love, and revenge scatter the pages of this collection of short stories. From a ghost of the American Revolution to a struggling writer full of grief, Not My Type is full of eclectic stories that bring to light the pain and the beauty of life.

Shake up Shakespeare with this humorous tale of the human reproductive system. You may know the story of “two star-crossed lovers,” but you haven’t heard a “tale of more woe, than this of Juliegg and her Spermeo.” Characters from several different works by the Bard come together in this play that is not only witty, but educational. If you have ever wanted to know more about how babies are made (or not made), there is no better way to learn than through tragic characters and iambic pentameter. This is a tale, truly older than time! *Bonus material from the world-famous cat, Emilita!*

Poetry reflects life, and life is full of ups and downs. Read a poem a day or devour the collection in one sitting; either way, Siders captures the range of emotions that make us human. Whether you are riding high or stuck in the pits of hell, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not has the perfect poem to match your mood, bring you down, or save your soul.

E.M. Sanchez is well-known for two things: her skills as a private investigator and her love of tuna. Partnered with the famous yellow bird, Web, there isn’t a case the two of them can’t solve. When a bird feeder gets broken in the neighborhood, the two set out to uncover who is responsible and clear the name of one very nervous squirrel. More importantly, will Sanchez be able to solve the case and still squeeze in a nap or two?

Private Investigators E.M. Sanchez and Web are at it again. This time, they’ve been hired by an old friend in need. When acorns go missing around Tulip Tree Circle, Sanchez and Web follow the clues wherever they may lead, even if that puts the duo in danger! Knowing that food is hard to find for all their furry and feathered friends, Sanchez and Web will stop at nothing to uncover the mystery of the missing acorns. Well, Sanchez may stop for a nap.

THE OPEN ROAD AWAITS! Take a trip with author and poet, Autumn Siders as she travels by car from New Hampshire to California and back again.

Through a series of poems documenting her journey, Siders explores the thrill of travel, the beauty of introspection, and the differences that make us all the same. From grungy hotels to the tallest redwoods, there is plenty of inspiration to be found from coast to coast.

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