Your Mess

My down time is spent
fixing everyone else’s mess
while they enjoy their time
and I relieve their stress.

How is that any way
to live a full life
when you live without a care
and never with strife?

Your mess is my job
and your screw-ups,
my riddles to solve.
And while you sleep at night,
I stay up
with great resolve.

© Autumn Siders 2018


Your Mess

My Interests

Somehow you think
you have my best interests in mind
but you are either stupid
or tragically blind.
How could you think
that I would be glad?
You woke me from my nap
and now I’m just mad.
No I didn’t need a kiss
and sure as hell no hug,
I was just fine right here
on my favorite rug.
Next time you think
it’s such a swell plan,
remember this well,
I am not a fan.

© AUtumn and Emilita Siders 2018
My Interests