Catonese for Dummies

From here to there
and back again,
I roam the walls
of this lion’s den.
What do I want?
You’ll never know
since what I need,
I’ll never show.
Meow from here
and meow from there,
now I’ll stand
with my icy stare.
You need to learn
how to read my mind
since our language barrier
has us in a bind.
Don’t you know
what I say?
Give me fish,
you big dummy!

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2018
Catonese for Dummies


Falling in love
is like hearing a new song;
Sometimes you love at first listen,
sometimes it takes a time or two.
Pretty soon you learn all the words
and feel every beat too.
You play it on repeat
and can’t wait to listen again.
Eventually you know it
inside and out.
You sing it in your head.
You play it in your heart.
Then you tire out
and never want to hear it again.
From the very first note,
your skin begins to cringe.
So you move on to something new
and fall in love again,
thinking this is the song
you’ve been waiting for all along.

© Autumn Siders 2017