The cursor blinks,
or was it a wink?
An all-knowing presence

who knows a little
too much.

Words fight
for their spot
on the page,

a jumbled mass
on its way

A cacophony

of pain
waiting its turn
so impatiently.

So many things
and yet not enough

to exit my brain
still a diamond

Synapses fire
like a loaded gun

leaving smoke
and a victim

in their wake.

And still,

a cursor blinks.

© Autumn Siders 2017


Beautiful is one thing
I never wish to be
since beauty can fade
and turn to obscenity.

Beautiful is one thing
I could just do without
since beauty shrouds the truth,
leaving only doubt.

Beautiful is one thing
I never can avoid
since beauty holds my heart
making all thoughts devoid.

Beautiful is only one thing
while there are more things of import
since beauty means nothing
without compassion and support.

© Autumn Siders 2017

The Chair

Thanks for the chair,
I don’t have enough
in fact the one I am on
is just not up to snuff.
Give me a minute
and I’ll check it out.
Just cool your horses,
you don’t have to shout.
I don’t understand
what you’re rambling about
but I’ve decided to stay
so why do you pout?
This chair, it will do,
it’s comfortable to me.
Just bring me a blanket
and a spot of tea.

Oh, you think this is yours?
Well, we’ll just have to see
since all of this house
belongs to beautiful me.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2017
The Chair


I was never one for clarity
as I wander in the dark
from point a to b
without a single spark.
My musings love their space
to unfold and stretch and consume
all the ragged pieces
of my soul once exhumed.
Light of day, what’s the point?
When all I need to see
lies in wait behind my eyelids,
yearning to be free.

© Autumn Siders 2017


Last man standing
was the first to rise
and battled his way,
no fear in his eyes
as the merciless foe
took his disguise,
enjoying each moment
of desperate cries
and knowing each breath
filled the air with lies
as the last man standing
stares while he dies.

© AUtumn Siders 2008