The Six Degrees You Want to Stay Separate

I am sure many of you have heard of some form of the “six degrees of separation.” You may know it as the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” or maybe you like to think of a similar idea from The L Word known as “OurChart.” The basic idea for those who may not know, is that any two people in this world can be linked together within six degrees (six people). For many this has always been an exciting notion for folks who just love to brag about knowing famous people. Now I am not one to brag, but here is an example for you. I know Jimmy Fallon. Okay, so I bagged his groceries once and he gave me a $10 tip. But this is enough of a connection to say that anyone who knows me (blog readers included) is now connected to Jimmy Fallon in two steps. Or is it one? Is Jimmy a step? Are you a step? Well you get the picture, you are practically related to Mr. Fallon!

Settle down though, because there is a dark side to this. In the same way that we can be so close to those stars we admire, we can also be close to some less than desirable human beings. I can go from Jimmy Fallon who knows Harrison Ford, who met Adolf Hitler when searching for a lost ark. Hmmm… somethings seems a little off with that, but you get my point. I am now associated with the Nazi leader (of sorts)! No excitement with that one. Here are some more fictional degrees of separation that I think should stay separated.

Ralph knows George who knows Allen who knows Eileen who answered that Craigslist ad which helped her meet Moe (the guy that broke into her house).

A young London boy named Jon knows a judge by the name of Turpin who happens to know a great barber on Fleet St.

Morgan knows Rachel who know Daniel who brings meals to Stan who now lives in solitary confinement at the state penitentiary and now knows no one but Dan.

A lost little boy named Marlon met a nice little girl named Wendy who flew away with a weird boy Peter who has a feud with a one handed pirate. (You decide if it’s worse being connected to Peter or to Hook???)

Jane knows Leon who knows Jack who knows Mike who sold his car to Adam (the getaway driver in a bank robbery).

Here’s to hoping your less desirable connections are at least six degrees away!

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