Show Smash-Up

American Dynasty: A group of contestants competes each week to see who has the best duck call while a panel of judges gives feedback that doesn’t even matter since America gets to vote for the winner.

Everybody Loves the Walking Dead: After an apocalypse that causes the dead to rise, an Italian man must protect his wife, kids, brother, and parents while his pestering mother interferes in every aspect of his life.

Game of Cheers: On the continent of Westeros, at a bar where everyone knows your name, a bartender helps his patrons with difficult life decisions such as relationships, war, and whether or not to sleep with your sister.

Breaking the Bell: In order to secure his family finances after being diagnosed with cancer, a high school principal takes to becoming a drug dealer while dealing with a troublesome teen who is always up to some scheme.

Chasing Dexter: A young quick witted journalist finds out she has cancer and decides to do something valuable with her time left and become a vigilante killer.

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