Two Sides: Tucker

There was no way Tucker was going to make it to his job interview on time. Ever since his house burned down last week, everything seemed to be in a downward spiral. Actually, the downward spiral had been happening for a while. His life was like a country song, he had no home, his truck broke down, his wife left him for a woman a month ago, and he was laid off from his factory job that he had for 25 years. The only good thing he had going for him was that he still had his dog. Luckily his brother was able to take the two in and with the help of some rewards points from one of his maxed out credit cards, he was able to get a rental car for the next few days. Even sweeter than that, the only car they had available was a brand new BMW.

He wasn’t too excited about the prospect of flipping burgers at the local diner, but when he saw the words willing to train next to the help wanted ad, he decided this was better than nothing, he needed some way to pay the bills. His alarm clock apparently did not feel the same way since it never rang. When he realized how late it was, he rolled out of bed, fed his dog Kamir, and made himself as presentable as possible.

Once he hit the road in his shiny borrowed wheels, he felt a little better. As long as he didn’t hit any traffic, this was still doable. He was cruising along with the radio blasting when he saw something in the road. He slowed as he got closer and realized it was a turtle. The animal lover in him couldn’t just leave the turtle there, so he turned the car around and parked it on the side of the road. He took a second to find the emergency lights and clicked them on. He got out of the car and ran back to the turtle. Just as he bent over to pick him up, he heard the squeal of rubber behind him. He picked up the turtle as he turned to see a car speeding at him. At what seemed like the last second, the car veered off to the right and there was a loud crunch. Tucker quickly ran the turtle to the side of the road and then ran back towards the accident. He saw a man get out of the car so he ran towards him.

“Are you okay!?” Tucker was immediately worried about the man when he saw that he had a bloody nose.

“Yeah,” the man responded weakly, “I will be fine, not much damage to my car either. What were you doing in the middle of the road?”

“Well I was driving along and there was a turtle crossing. I pulled over to help him get across. Didn’t you see my flashers on the car?” All his life, people had told Tucker he was too nice and nice guys finish last. Here he was just trying to save a turtle from getting crushed and now he caused this man to crash. Now I am dragging others into my downward spiral, he thought.

“How could I see those when the sun is so bright? You are lucky I saw you in enough time.” The man seemed more angry now. Maybe he was not an animal lover.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize the sun was that bad, I was coming from the other way and I turned around when I saw the turtle. I don’t have a cell phone, could you call the police?” Tucker walked over to his car to give the man some space and realized just how bad the damage was. This was just his luck, there was probably no way insurance would cover this and he knew the rental car company would jack up the price of repairs. He kicked the tire to try and release some steam, but that only made the rear end sag a little more. He could feel the anger rising as his cheeks got hotter. “Really though, how could you miss the car? It’s bright red! I am pale white and you saw me!”

“Well if you weren’t in the road chasing the Ninja Turtles, I wouldn’t have had to swerve to miss you!” Well this man is obviously not an animal lover, thought Tucker. This angered him even more. This arrogant bastard couldn’t see that he was trying to do something nice.

“Well you still would have had to swerve to miss the turtle, but I guess an ass like you would have just hit him!”

“I would have swerved but at least your fancy BMW wouldn’t have been in the way! I am calling the police now and you better have good insurance, ’cause not everyone can just afford to run out and get a new car like you!” Astonished at how fast this had escalated, Tucker backed off, the last thing he needed was to get decked by this guy or even worse, sued. It didn’t look like he would make it to that job interview after all.


© Autumn Siders 2015
Two Sides: Tucker

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