I Lost My Number, Can I Have Yours?

Do you have trouble finding a date? Don’t know what to say to that special someone? Are you wondering how to break the ice? Well here are some really great pick-up lines from a single 20-something who lives with her mother, cat and bird. I promise, they work!

Are you an animal lover? Great, cause I am an animal in the bedroom!

You look familiar…oh, I know, I’ve seen you in my dreams.

Do you have the time? Oh, good I am early I am supposed to meet the girl of my dreams here at (insert time shortly after time given).

She sells sea shells by the sea shore, see I am really good with my tongue. (You should probably make sure you can actually say this or whatever tongue twister you choose)

Hey, do you have any food allergies? Just want to make sure your breakfast tomorrow is perfect.

I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, so let me show you how much I like you, your place or mine?

Do you like music? ‘Cause you’ve really struck a chord with me.

3.14159265359 I could go on all night, but I would much rather memorize your number.

I’d write you a poem, but words could never do you justice.

I think the GPS on my phone is broken, could you give me directions to your heart?

You look good in those tight pants, but the only problem is you left no room for me.


These are all guaranteed to work and if they don’t the fault must be in your delivery.





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