Bestseller Mash-Up Round 3

Carrie Eyre: A young governess falls for the father of the children she teaches but is in for a rude awakening when his crazy wife drops pigs blood on her at prom which causes her to go crazy as well.

Harry Quixote: A young boy discovers he may have magical abilities and sets off to a school for wizards. On the way he battles windmills and falls for bar wenches that he sees as royalty. Or maybe that doesn’t happen, who knows?

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dracula: A young girl vampire faces the usual struggles of growing up by dealing with friends, family, avoiding sunlight, eternal life, and that pesky problem of getting your period when you are a vampire.

Lolita’s Web: In order to protect her pedophilic stepfather, a young girl leaves messages as they travel around the country. The messages include, “Terrific,” “Humble,” “Radiant,” and “Some Pig.” The last of the words being the most truthful.

Tuck & Juliet: Two star-crossed lovers do their best to stay together when their warring families pull them apart. Being immortal, the boy thinks it best to fake their deaths, but doesn’t account for the fact that his love will actually die while he lives.

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