Broadway Mash-Up

Wicked Misérables: After being imprisoned for being green, a young woman is released into Revolutionary Oz and starts a new life for herself by protecting her crippled sister. All goes well until her sister tries to defy gravity and gets trapped under a barricade by angry men.

Phantom of Avenue Q: A coming of age story about a young man living backstage at the opera house who gets swept up in a love triangle and through the use of puppets he realizes there is a fine fine line between a lover and a stalker as he goes past the point of no return.

The Chicago King: Set in the Savannah during prohibition era, a young lion cub learns the circle of life and all that jazz as he realizes how corrupt society and his pride really are.

Fiddler on the Mamma!: A young girl in Anatevka must find out who her father is before her arranged marriage due to the fact that her mother was known not only as the town dancing queen, but also the town slut. Hey every town needs one, it’s tradition!

La Cage aux Hairspray: A drag queen and his partner audition to be on the coolest dancing show on t.v. and become instant hits with their slogan, “We are Who We Are.” Meanwhile, the mother of their competition, a highly conservative bigot tries to squash all hopes of them winning by giving all of Baltimore crabs.

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