This was from back in my days as a rapper. Enjoy a little history lesson!


Everybody in the 434 throw your hands in the air

Cause we gonna win that war

Yo, Yo Yo

We be comin’ from the south you know

Where all of the tobacco grow

We the rich colonies cant ya hear

We can smell all them north guy’s fear

With the mountains to the west

And the ocean to the east

We’ll be rapping up the coast

And eating a big feast

But now let me tell you just how it began,

No wait lets hear it from this man

“Yo, my name is James Oglethorpe

And I’m rapping to you now

I founded Georgia and I’m gonna tell you how

Well it started in 1733

An English general I be

Georgia was for the poor

Yeah to open a new door

But not only for that

But to get us up to bat

We kept the Spanish out

We won without a doubt

Since I was strict

The colonists got ticked

But some had to stay

And grow rice all day

But oh well

I was rich”

Now lets hear it from the big NC (North Carolina that is)

“Well you see, it started in 1650

Eight englishmen talk to Charles number two

And he said here’s a grant from me to you

So they set up shop and started farming

But without women it didn’t matter if they were charming

So they were poor and needed some money

So let me tell you how, its really quite funny

It was really a sticky situation sellin’ tar and pitch

Man let me tell you it really was a b… big deal”

So now lets go up north

“I hope you don’t think I’m too forth-

Coming, but I gotta tell ya bout the virgin queen

She really wasn’t that mean

In 1607 we named Virginia after her

But things couldn’t be as they were

We changed our crops cause of the climate

We got rich off tobacco but nothing rhymes with climate

We started usin’ slaves to do our work

But trouble in the future it did lurk.”

You heard of the west being won

Well that’s how the south was lost

Between Indians and no food

We couldn’t afford the cost

We ran into trouble

But no one was there on the double

I guess the mountains were too high

And the rivers too wide

But somehow we made it

And we still here today

And we got nothing else to say.

© Autumn Siders 2006

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