You Know You Live in the Country When…

I am a city girl at heart. Always have been, always will be. Unfortunately for me, I have lived in the country the majority of my life. While I do appreciate nature’s beauty and the simplicity, I know that where my heart truly lies is with the hustle and bustle, the smog and the filth, and the all around crazy life that comes with living in the city. Here are just a few examples of what it’s like to live in the country and how others know you do when you visit the big city.

-When you can actually use the excuse, “I am sorry I am late for work, I got stuck behind a tractor.”

-When you visit your friends in the city and walk a mile to the coffee shop and they look at you funny not realizing that is actually a shorter distance than what you have to walk to get service on your cell phone.

-When you get a home security system with video monitoring just to find out which animal keeps stealing your pumpkins.

-When there are 5 cars in front of you and you wonder what the cause of this traffic jam is. Let’s be honest, it’s probably a family of turkeys crossing the road.

-When everybody else knows what’s going on in your life, but apparently you don’t.

-When the closest big chain store is at least a 40 minute drive and you don’t understand why your city friends won’t make the 10 minute drive to Walmart.

-When the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds at your house eat better than you do.

-When you get home from work and realize you are out of milk and it’s 6pm, so all the stores will be closed by the time you get to them. You might as well milk your neighbor’s cow.


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