Why I Hate a Rainy Day by Em

So my dearest Emilita has gotten upset that she never gets to blog her opinions and thoughts. After several talks between her people and mine, I have agreed to give her one day a week to blog however she sees fit. So without further ado, her is the world as seen from the eyes of the beautiful cat known as Emilita.

As everyone knows, the life of a cat is one filled with adventure, excitement, and absolute stress. When I wake my prison guards at 4 AM I never know if this will be a day with 23 hours of sleep or Cat forbid 22 hours of sleep. The worst day a cat can imagine though is a rainy day. Not only do we have no sun to bathe in, but we lose so many more luxuries in our already imprisoned world. I speak for myself, since I am the only one who matters, but on rainy days I lose my outdoor privileges, which is really okay by me, but don’t tell my people. If it is a stormy day, they won’t even let me sit by the windows. And don’t even get me started on my view out the window. I lose about half my prey…I mean visitors, and let me explain to you what the remaining visitors look like. Imagine your favorite meal sitting on a plate right in front of you but it is soggy as hell! Basically the only thing to do on a rainy day is sleep. Looks like today shall be a 23 and a half hour sleep day!

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