What a Cat Hears

No doubt you have heard some of the new hot songs on the radio like Cheerleader, Shut Up and Dance, and Fight Song. I am sure you even think you know the lyrics to these songs, but I am here to tell you how the songs really go. At least this is how the cats are singing them.

Oh, I think that I’ve found the best kind of dinner,

Tuna, shrimp and salmon are always a winner.


Oh don’t you wake me up

just keep your paws off me

I said, “don’t wake me up”

She said get up and play with me!

This woman is the ruin of me

she said blah bla bla blah

get up and play with me.


Like a small fish

from the ocean

to my dinner plate

in quick motion.

Like how a single meow

can make a bag open

I might only have a few claws

But I can cause a commotion.

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