Help Wanted

It seems like every business is hiring right now. All the kids have gone back to school and now is the time if you want a shitty part time job to go for it. I thought I could post some help wanted ads here for any business that might like to use them. It can be tricky drafting the perfect ad to find the ideal candidate.

Help Wanted

Seeking help to write help wanted ads.

Delivery driver needed. Must have own vehicle and insurance. We promise delivery in 15 minutes or less, prior speeding tickets are a plus.

Newspaper in seaerch of anew editer.

Litchfield prison is hiring new CO’s. Must be experienced with pepper spray and refrain from raping inmates.

In need of cat-sitter. Must be able to lift 9 pounds, open can, and watch her sleep for 8 hours.

Experienced dog walker needed. When dog is not available you can walk me.

McDonald’s is hiring fry cooks. Responsibilities include cooking fries.

Septic services seeks a technician. The job stinks and the pay is shit.

Help Wanted

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