Idioms for Idiots

It has always fascinated me how many idioms exist in the English language. It fascinates me even more that there are plenty of people out there who don’t know what half of them mean. Today, I invent my own idioms. I am sure they will catch on like wildfire!

-Add hot sauce to a wound: Make a situation worse. And that’s got to hurt worse than salt.

-Curiosity fueled the cat: Encouraging curiosity. Emilita made me change that one. She thinks this is more fitting to the personality of a cat. Also should we really be teaching people not to be curious? That’s boring.

-Off like a wedding dress: This one here means the opposite of it’s counterpart “off like a prom dress.” I mean have you ever tried to remove the average wedding dress? You might be able to have your honeymoon by your 1st anniversary.

-Break someone else’s leg: Have better luck than the other guy. Why would it ever be good luck to break your own leg?

-It’s not easy being green: I think I am going to be sick. Kermit felt this way after his break up with Miss Piggy.

-Going to Heaven in an Easter Basket: Things are looking up. Just make sure you have a bigger basket filled with chocolates.


Idioms for Idiots

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