The Rat

I could feel his beady eyes watching my every move. Here he was, some piece of vermin thinking he could outwit me. I was not only the biggest cat in town, but the most dangerous and if there was one thing I absolutely did not tolerate, it was a rat.

I should have known not to trust this guy from day one. Thing is, around here, we look out for our own kind. It was surprising enough I suppose that he was willing to give up his family that easily, but times were rough for everyone and he kept food on the table for us, or rather under the table.

That night though, I was on the prowl.

“Al? I know you are in here.” My voice wailed through the abandoned shed. It may have seemed like I was the only one in here, but I knew all of Al’s hiding places. There was no hole in the wall in this town that he could hide in which I wouldn’t be able to find him. He must have known this when he decided to betray me. Without me, he never would have made any cheese. He would have been living a life of constant fear in absolute squalor. Well he might have enjoyed that last part.

Clink, Clink!

I turned quickly and got really low with my weapons drawn. I would have given anything to sink my claws into him at that moment. Then, I saw him as he scurried behind some boxes. I quietly positioned myself so there was no chance for him to escape. I had him cornered now. This felt like old times.

It was not long ago when we first met and were in the same position. I was about to go in for the kill when I heard this little pip-squeak.

“Wait, I can help you,” he sobbed. I stopped myself just in time.

“Carry on then, how can you help me?” I replied.

“I can tell you where everyone you are looking for is hiding. Where they live. When they will be there. Everything. Please, just spare my life.”

And so began the unlikely partnership that would now end just as it had started. Here we were again and this time I would not be so understanding.

“Any last words, Rat?”

“Please, just kill me. I am tired of this maze.” I raised my paw to strike and just then a bright light flickered on making my eyes adjust. Just as I saw my target tailing it out of there, I heard what no cat wants to hear,

“Come on Emilita, it’s time for bed. What are you doing out here anyway? If we go now, I can comb you before bed!”

And in one fell swoop, my life of crime had landed me right back in the slammer.


© Emilita and Autumn Siders 2015


The Rat

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