I Had a Dream

I did in fact have a dream just last night. In this dream, I met the most beautiful woman who had the unfortunate luck of having all four of her tires slashed by some recently escaped convicts. In my dream, I took it upon myself to be a white knight and help this damsel in distress out, not only because she was stunning, but because it was the right thing to do. I know why I had this dream though, because as is often the case, dreams are influenced by reality and reality is influenced by dreams.

Just the night before last, my mother had a dream. In this dream, my motorcycle would not start for work and as a result I was stranded. Well, this actually happened in some fashion. On my way home from work, I stopped for gas and when I tried to start my bike back up, it wouldn’t start. As I was tinkering with the bike, I was approached by three men in a truck. They offered to jump my battery and when we discovered that the connections were just loose, they dug around in their truck until they found a ratchet set to tighten the connections.

Being part cautious and part stubborn, I initially thanked them for their offer, but assured them that I would be fine on my own. These three generations of gentlemen insisted though and had me back on the road in no time. I know they will most likely never read this blog, but even if my continued appreciation does not reach them, I hope that this might make a few more people pay it forward. They helped me out for no reason other than that it was the right thing to do. Also probably because I am so hot. Thank you to my white knights for making it not such a terrible thing to be a damsel in distress.

I Had a Dream

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