I Wish

While I am quite content with who I am, there are a few things that I have always wished for that might make life a little better or at least a little fun.

-I wish I had a foreign accent. (I did try this my first day of high school, hoping I could convince everyone I was really British. Unfortunately, my British and Australian are a little muddled.)

-I wish I were just a few inches taller. (I don’t want to play basketball or anything, just reach the top shelf without a stretch.)

-I wish I could read an entire book in a minute. (This is really the only way I could come close to finishing my ever-growing library.)

-I wish I had the money and space to adopt every cat in need and find them forever homes. (Let’s face it, I would probably take in every animal in need.)

-I wish my cat loved me. (At least she loves the treats I give her.)

-I wish I had the ability to heal or at least ease the pain of my loved ones. (Maybe the least realistic of my wishes, but possibly the one I would wish for most.)

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