Drip, Drip, Drip…

The sound filled Xavier’s head as he slowly woke to find himself on the ground in his backyard. The closer he came back into reality, the more his body filled with dread. He opened his eyes and instantly his head ached like nothing he had ever felt before. He shut his eyes quickly and welcomed the darkness yet again. He dared not move knowing that if just opening his eyes hurt that badly, he most likely wouldn’t want to try anything drastic like standing.

The dripping, more ominous than just a leaky faucet, served a constant reminder that whatever terrible thing had put Xavier in this situation was nearby and yet just out his mental reach. Struggling to bring any memories to the forefront, Xavier squeezed his eyes tighter and hoped that a glimmer of hope would find its way through. The harder he tried, the blurrier the memories got.

He remembered running out to the store to get his pregnant wife a pint of Ben & Jerry’s©. He remembered buying three different flavors at the convenience store. He remembered driving like a maniac with the AC blasting to get back to his house in order to prevent the ice cream from melting in the sweltering heat. He remembered seeing the front door of his house ajar when he returned. OH, GOD!

Xavier bolted up causing his head to spin and as he took a few steps towards the house and under the willow tree he stumbled and then slid landing hard on his elbow. He heard a pop and then the pain in his head seemed to disappear as a whole new level of pain seared through his right arm. He attempted to push himself up with his left arm but the second he placed his hand on the ground he felt it slip away in a warm liquid. With the full moon, it was not dark enough to conceal the fact that he had landed in a pool of blood.

Grimacing, Xavier crawled onto a dry part of the grass and struggled to his feet. They only thing that mattered now was finding Molly. He ran into the house,

“MOLLY? MOLLY?” There was no answer. He began tearing the house apart and running from room to room. Nothing looked out of place, but Molly was nowhere to be found. It seemed impossible to panic any more than he had been, but he was definitely reaching his limit. His head hurt, his arm hurt, and his chest hurt. He tried to think of why his chest hurt when he saw the ice cream sitting on the counter. He had to have been in the house already. “MOLLY? WHERE ARE YOU?” Still no answer and his chest began to throb. He pulled his shirt down and saw four deep claw marks. “What the fuck?” This was most definitely his limit.

Xavier ran out the back door looking for some clue as to how he ended up back there and where Molly was. He stepped onto the patio and looked up at the willow tree to see the most terrifying sight he had ever seen. His neighbor was hanging from the tree with his entrails weeping out of him. He doubled over and threw up. Just as he wiped his mouth with the back of his left hand he heard someone behind him. He straightened up and looked at the face of his wife. She smiled and showed a mouthful of fangs and said,

“Hey, Babe. Dinner’s ready.”

© Autumn Siders 2015



Beware of things that go bump in the night,

the knocks on your door that give you a fright.

Witches and goblins are on the prowl

and you can hear the werewolves howl.

Vampires, bats, and pumpkins too

they are only coming to visit you.

The knock on your door is them you see,

a much better visit than one from me.

© Autumn Siders circa 2000


I fell in love with your smile

yet sadly I can never be the cause.

Into unrequited love I fell

madly, which has its flaws.

While the heart works in

mysterious and unpredictable ways

it causes far more pain

as your head is in a daze.

So while your smile once was

the cause of hope and joy

it now serves as a reminder

that my heart is just your toy.

© Autumn Siders 2015

It’s Not Easy Being Supernatural

With my favorite holiday around the corner, I decided to take some time to think about the scary beings we associate with the holiday. I always try to see the good and bad of any situation, so here are some pros and cons in case you ever find yourself bitten by one of these individuals.


Pros Cons
People fear you! You smell like death
You have an excuse for clumsiness People are always trying to shoot you
You know how to carry on even when falling apart It’s really slow getting around


Pros Cons
You can’t die You are dead
You are better qualified for the night shift (which pays better!) Probably should avoid the beach on a sunny day
You get fangs You will most likely bite yourself with said fangs while adjusting


Pros Cons
You can smell really well You can smell really well
Shaving is pointless Every bone in your body breaks once a month
You can howl at the moon You can hear when people talk about you behind your back

Meow That’s What I Call Music

The real lyrics to the songs you all know and love…

Hey, I just ate you,

And it was tasty

Now it’s nap time

Don’t call me a baby.

Cause I’m hot then I’m cold

I’m yes then I’m no

I’m in then I’m out

I’m up then I’m down

Never wrong, always, right

I’m black and I’m white

I sleep, I dream up

Eat grass, I throw up.

Let it go, let it go

Can’t hold my prey anymore

Let it go, let it go

then chase it through the door

I don’t care

what a mess I’ll make

Let the rat run on

I always catch ’em anyway.