It’s Not Easy Being Supernatural

With my favorite holiday around the corner, I decided to take some time to think about the scary beings we associate with the holiday. I always try to see the good and bad of any situation, so here are some pros and cons in case you ever find yourself bitten by one of these individuals.


Pros Cons
People fear you! You smell like death
You have an excuse for clumsiness People are always trying to shoot you
You know how to carry on even when falling apart It’s really slow getting around


Pros Cons
You can’t die You are dead
You are better qualified for the night shift (which pays better!) Probably should avoid the beach on a sunny day
You get fangs You will most likely bite yourself with said fangs while adjusting


Pros Cons
You can smell really well You can smell really well
Shaving is pointless Every bone in your body breaks once a month
You can howl at the moon You can hear when people talk about you behind your back

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