In Your Eyes

I’ve often thought

the answers to life

hide somewhere behind

those bright eyes.

The deeper I look

the closer I get

to uncovering the truth

that is lost within the lies.

It’s not only

that your soul

warms my heart

and makes my spirit soar,

but in the love

you have for me

you allow me to

love you all the more.

© Autumn Siders 2015

A Ring

I gave you a ring,

but you must have been out.

No busy signal, no voicemail

no way to know what you’re about.

I waited for a call back

hoping not to play tag,

but still I heard not a thing,

your response time sure does lag.

I gave you a ring, you see

and still haven’t heard from you

what a mistake that was,

thank goodness, we never got to “I do.”

© Autumn Siders 2015


Here is a list of careers I wished to pursue throughout my school days.

pre-school: Man, I just wanted to figure out how to use a scissors.

kindergarten: Construction Worker

1st grade: Gardener

2nd grade: Computer Builder

3rd grade: A member of the Animorphs

4th grade: Professional Killer

5th grade: Shortstop for the Atlanta Braves

6th grade: Professional Killer

7th grade: Writer

8th grade: Boxer

9th grade: Police Officer

10th grade: Musician

11th grade: Secret Government Agent

12th grade: Writer again, because in writing, I could be all of these things.