Adult Activities

For those who don’t know, adult coloring books are the newest craze. “Adults” all over the country are scooping these things up like hundred dollar bills and what’s even more crazy is that they are actually enjoying this childhood pastime. For me, coloring in between the lines seems like it should be a whole new circle of the Inferno, but maybe Virgil and Dante decided to leave that one out as they sat to color a few pages the Botticelli had drawn up for them. What with it being the new hot thing to do, I figured I could recommend a few more childhood pastimes that should make their way into popularity for adults.

-Imaginary Friends: Everyone needs a friend and what with distance, work, and family, we sometimes forget to make time for our friends. Who better to have than an imaginary friend? They only talk to you. They usually don’t get mad if you don’t ask how their day was. They can also secure you permanent room and board at your local asylum.

-Making Mud Pies: If Sweeney Todd could help make meat pies, why can’t we all make mud pies. Hell, serve ’em up to all your guests and you may never have to entertain at your house again!

-Sticking Things Up Your Nose: There has to be some reason the kids do this. I mean there was that episode of House where the kid stuck the fire truck up his nose to rescue the cat. Doesn’t it just seem fun?

-Temper Tantrums: What better way to get your way than making everyone else hate you as your yell and scream your way to satisfaction? In your defense, you missed your nap time.

-Cops and Robbers/Cowboys and Indians (Native Americans): There is nothing wrong with a little role playing. Just make sure your fake guns and bows are bright and obviously fake unless you want to start collecting real bullets and arrows.

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