You’ve Made It

These days, it seems to be hard to judge success. How can you tell if you have “made it” as they say? Here are some ways to tell if your life holds any success.

– Do you own a car? You are probably doing quite well. Is it covered in rust, missing a door, and you pray to the heavens every time you stick the key in the ignition that the engine will turn over? You might not be doing quite as well as you could be, but at least you will have a roof over your head when you lose your apartment.

-Can you afford to go out at least one night a week with your friends? While going out to the bar and buying a whole bottle of whiskey for yourself proves you’ve got money to kill, it might mean something else. Seek help.

-When you have a guest over, do they have to ask where the bathroom is? If they can’t find it right away, this probably means that your house/apartment is big enough that this is not the first thing they see when they get there.

-Do you have more than one pair of shoes? One for every occasion perhaps? This means success on two levels. 1. You have money to buy shoes. 2. You have occasions to attend.

-Are you happy? This trumps any means of judging success that are out there. Who cares about any of the other stuff if you can’t say you enjoy life? Be Happy!

You’ve Made It

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