NoW HIring a Editer

My local newspaper has the best editor in the world…NOT! Every week there is some new disaster with a  headline or perhaps typos on every page. The best is when they have to issue apologies for using the wrong name in an obituary. Our paper can not be the only one in the world that is in need of a new editor, so here is my request. If you find a funny headline or perhaps one with a typo that is too good to resist, send it to me and I will write an article that better fits the headline! If you find a good one, send it on to:

Here is a nice headline that actually ran in our town’s paper about a year ago. Enjoy.


The panty is filling up fast this holiday season as donations come in from all over. It seems the locals are always willing to lend a helping hand when it is needed most. Without the assistance of a loving community, the panty would remain empty leaving many hungry in unimaginable ways. This hairy situation is avoided at all costs as donations help shave the expenses of running this full-time service. Not everyone is allowed in the panty; those with the greatest need are served first which really helps them breathe easier. The panty would like to extend a warm thank you to all who donated their time, resources, and expertise. Without you, our panty would not be filled.

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