I Was Thinking…

Do you ever have those random thoughts? In the shower? In the car? While you have been trying to fall asleep for three hours? I seem to think about the strangest things at the most inconvenient times and I can’t be the only one. Here are some of my random thoughts that I am sure have crossed someone else’s mind a time or two.

-Why is DC Comics called DC Comics? DC stands for Detective Comics so now it is Detective Comics Comics.

-Did someone fall off a cliff to propagate the rumor that the earth was flat or were people really that stupid?

-Is the earth really round or are we that gullible?

-Does my cat laugh at me behind my back or am I just hearing voices?

-Why is it that one needs a new phone every year or sooner since it breaks but I am still playing a record from 1963 that works perfectly fine?

-Do you think on Judgment Day we all lose points for every one of Keanu Reeves’ movies we ever watched?

-Is Betty White, God?

-What if gluten-free is the new tobacco?

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