Take a Leap

Every four years

we get an extra day

to do with what we please,

not to waste it away.

We carry on

as the soldiers we are

and change nothing at all

which never gets us far.

For 366 days

is a luxury indeed

as we always wish for one more

in our hasty greed.

One extra day

may not seem like much

but spend it being grateful

and don’t use it as a crutch.

© Autumn Siders 2016

The Grass is Greener

No greener grass could grow

than that of my own creation.

Go on, Winter, bring your snow

my grass will grow with elation.

I used to look out the window

and get this kind of sensation

that the grass was greener below

and I would have a temptation.

But now, I most certainly know

it’s not love and dedication

or that I’m reaping what I sow,

it seems to be about hydration

trust me, I’m a cat, I know.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2016

Bestseller Mash-Up Round 7

Thunderstruck on Fifth Avenue: A killer and the creator of long-distance radio both lurk within the ranks of high society. One “swan” knows who is who and blabs to her friend, an author who would do anything for a great story. Publishing the story may lead to the capture of an almost perfect killer, but what else is unleashed could be disastrous.

The Road to Other Words: Choosing to return to Great Britain and retrace his steps in order to see what has changed in the last twenty years, a travel writer sets off on foot, rail, and car. Unfortunately, he finds not much has so he decides to write his book in Italian hoping he has something interesting to say in a language he does not speak.

The Joy Luck Dante Club: A group of recent immigrants starts a club to eat dim sum, play mah jong, and forget about their troubles. All is going well until strange murders resembling the works of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno thrust the ladies into a dangerous mystery that could land them in one of the circles of hell.

The Walking Revenant: In 1823, a trapper is left for dead and robbed of his only means of protection. He decides he is going to seek revenge on those who wronged him and defies all odds to do so. After killing those who betrayed him, they too rise from the dead and he soon realizes the only way to achieve revenge is with head shots.

A Darker Shade of Lawyer: Working out of a customized magic jacket, a lawyer travels between different but parallel Londons where he offers his legal expertise to the underdog. All is going well in his career until he decides to represent a cross-dressing pickpocket with a foul mouth and dreams of becoming a pirate.



Mother Nature is bipolar

at least as of late she seems.

One minute she is frigid

the next a hellfire gleams.

Did she fall off her meds

or did she simply misplace

a treatment for her condition

which is now a mental case?

No, Mother Nature is not to blame

seeing as she is the victim

of human nature’s game.

© Autumn Siders 2016

The Raw Truth

The raw truth is that

you can make me or break me.

One simple smile seems

so innocent but faintly

below that heart-melting

and flashing smile

is something darker

and it lingers a while.

So love me or destroy me

I give my heart just the same.

The chances I am taking

could leave my heart maimed

and still I would rather risk

what little I have on you

because it’s that damn smile

that makes me do what I do.

© Autumn Siders 2016

Twitter Tuesday

Malcom needed proof that he wasn’t crazy but all the evidence seemed to point in the opposite direction.


When creating a work of art, it is not necessary to make it understandable but rather relatable to all.


I once found a wallet on the ground and when I returned it to the owner, the only thanks I received was from the universe.


Why does twitter call them tweets and restrict us to 140 characters? I know plenty of birds who tweet much more than that.


A pair of eyes watched from a tree across the street as Melissa slowly undressed, oblivious to the audience. Max the cat enjoyed the view.


Meow That’s What I Call Music Volume 3

Every cat has its claws

Just like every nap has its end

Just like every stray cat sings a sad, sad song,

Yeah, every cat has its claws.

What’s fish got to do with it

what’s fish but a scrumptious meal for me

what’s fish got to do with it

who needs dessert when tuna is the best.

Oh, I wanna mouse with somebody

I wanna hunt him down with somebody

Yeah, I wanna mouse with somebody

with somebody who pets me.

‘Cause if you like the way you look that much

on, baby, you are probably a cat

and if you think that I am gorgeous too

Well I will go and love myself.

Oh yeah, I’ll tell you something

You don’t need to understand

When I yell that something

I wanna scratch your hand.