The Important Things

The return of my decaying friends has got me thinking of another reason why the zombie apocalypse is really a chance to start anew. Sure you lose a lot when the shit hits the fan. In the grand scheme of things you might be down a family, but give it some time and you can replace your loved ones with all the material things you could ever want. Money no longer matters and everything will be free for the taking. I have compiled a list now, just another way to prep for the inevitable, of all the things I would want when the end of the world comes. After all, it is beneficial to go shopping with a list.

-I may have mentioned this beauty before. Dean Winchester’s 1911 .45 Colt with custom engraving. I want it to actually work so, gun manufacturers, please get started on making this if it doesn’t already exist.

-’65 Triumph Scrambler. What better way to escape the undead than on a motorcycle?

-Michonne’s katana. I will settle for another if she is unwilling to part with it.

-A nice leather cowboy hat. It shades you from the sun, smells good, and makes you look badass.

-A lifetime’s (this could be a short time considering) supply of montelukast sodium. I know eventually it would lose its potency, but as the world dies, my allergies to it would most likely fade away as well.

-A black and red Gibson Les Paul Classic. Not that I would be able to play it with the threat of drawing zombies near, but it would still be nice to hang on the wall.

-Finally, this new idea for my collection, Lila Bard’s knife with the brass knuckle handle. In the words of my new favorite female character in literature, one can never have enough knives. And if you haven’t read this book, you need to. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab.

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