Twitter Tuesdays

I myself do not have a Twitter account, mainly because I can’t figure out what it actually accomplishes. However, there is one good attribute of Twitter that every writer should take part in once in their endeavors. The 140 character limit. There is no better way to hone your writing than to limit the amount of words you can use to convey your message. So with no further explanation, Tuesdays shall now become my day to tweet on my blog. That is until Twitter tells me to stop and get a Twitter account.

Albert’s problem always seemed to be that the whole world was against him. Maybe it’s just that he was the only one against the world.

On my way to the store I saw an elephant, a kangaroo, and a family of chimpanzees. I am never playing Jumanji again.

Relationships have become such a game. I wouldn’t mind it if mine wasn’t a combination of Battleship and Operation.

I often think that my cat is the only one who loves me until I come to the startling realization that she loves no one.

Music has the astounding ability of making us feel everything and nothing at the same time. Kind of like my ex-girlfriend.







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