So Sad

Recently, my mom and I both happened to watch Jurassic World. We didn’t watch it together, but I warned her if she watched it that she might cry since she would probably feel as sad about the raptors as I did. She did in fact agree that the treatment of the dinosaurs was very depressing. When I conveyed this to a friend, she called me weird. So here is a list of other famous moments I find sad. You be the judge if my feelings are warranted.

-When House stops taking vicodin, dates Cuddy, and becomes “nicer.” Truly the death of a great man here.

-The end of Where the Red Fern Grows. I can’t even write about it in detail, so if you don’t know it, look it up…if you dare.

-When the crush of the serial killer in Normal dies. Even serial killers deserve happiness.

-When the cat, Sassy, falls in the river in Homeward Bound/Incredible Journey. As a child, and even today, it was/is hard to watch/read that scene.

-In addition to the situation of the raptors in the new Jurassic movie, I thought it was just awful in the original when those two bratty kids made them run into freezers and doors. Poor girls were just hungry and who are those kids to deny them a meal.


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