Today is indeed an international holiday, my friends. Today we celebrate the birth, and death, of one the greatest men to walk this earth. Or did he? There are skeptics out there who question the validity of Mr. Shakespeare. Did this person really exist? Did that person write his works or simply take credit for the work of another? All questions aside, the truth is that someone wrote the great works which we cherish today. I mean, they can’t have been written by a room of monkeys, right?

Since today is a holiday in my book, I figured I would take it easy today and share with you some phrases that would not exist if not for The Bard.

  • All that glitters isn’t gold (Merchant of Venice)
  • It’s Greek to me (Julius Caesar)
  • The lady doth protest too much (Hamlet)
  • Eat out of house and home (Henry IV)
  • Give the Devil his due (Henry IV)
  • To thine own self be true (Hamlet)

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