Blockbuster Mash-Up Round 4

Mrs. Woman: In order to see her children after a messy divorce, a hooker dresses in drag to pose as the family’s manny. She soon quits the position though after one of her clients, a millionaire, sweeps her off her feet and she realizes that her children are brats.

Mr. Congeniality: After an auto engineer gets laid off, he takes the role of stay at home dad while his wife supports the family. Hilarity ensues as he plays poker games with housewives and even enters a beauty pageant…er scholarship program.

The Wizard of Arabia: An English officer unites a scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion against the Turks during World War I. As he leads his offensive to take down the Ottoman Empire, he yells, “Pay no attention to the man behind the keffiyeh!”

Tootsie Roll Bounce: After the local roller rink closes down, an out of work actor starts training for a roller disco contest. He quickly realizes that the team doesn’t want another man so he creates a whole new persona as a woman and steals the show.

The Birds Like it Hot: In order to escape a vicious attack from birds in Chicago, a pair of musicians cross dress to join an all-female band in Florida. They think they have it made as they both pine over the band’s singer until they realize that birds fly south for the winter.

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