You’re Not the Boss of Me

My girl asked me if she could blog on Sunday! That’s my day! She gives me one day and now she wants to take that away from me. Well I will show her, I am blogging on her day this week! She has all these rules for me that she expects me to follow, such as:

  • Don’t go on the table
  • No running away
  • Don’t jump on the counter
  • Don’t eat that mouse
  • Don’t lick that
  • Only 1 fish a day
  • Don’t attack the bird

Well here is my list of rules for you, girl:

  • Wake up at 4 a.m. or really any time I would like you to
  • Heat my water to 79.12º F
  • Only touch me when I ask you to, even then, be warned
  • Do not kiss me after drinking coffee
  • I come first (no exceptions)
  • Don’t wake me to tell me “you love me”
  • I will lick that if I want to

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