The words between us

are never spoken aloud

yet somehow you know

how you make me proud.

Just one single look,

even from across the room,

fills my heart with joy

that I will take to my tomb.

Even though it’s never been said

you must know how I feel

because something as strong as this

makes you believe that love is real.

© Autumn Siders 2016

Greeting Cards for Across the Pond

What with the approaching holiday and the recent events overseas, I thought it fitting to create some cards we could send to our former parent across the pond.

It looks as though you finally understand. Happy Independence Day!
We’re sorry! Next time we throw your tea in the harbor, we will make sure to heat it first.
The British are coming! Wait, you’re leaving…
After all these years… We’re still glad we left you.
You will always be like our mother (land) We hope we don’t end up like you, but we love you anyway.


I think that your skin

being so close to mine

is the best sensation

that is quite divine.

The electricity is charged

and the energy is high;

it courses through my veins

so I think I could die.

Just the thought of you now

makes my heart beat

when for so long before

it was merely obsolete.

© Autumn Siders 2016