My Life Partner for Life has this amazing blog. She is so thrifty and crafty and lively. She is always turning out these fantastic masterpieces from things she just has laying around the house. I thought maybe I should try to be more like her, so I shall share my crafting genius with you.

There is one thing that is never lacking around my house, cat hair. You can find it just about anywhere you look, except on the cat. Being that Emilita is a long-haired beauty, most of the time she leaves large contributions for us, such as this one.


So we ask ourselves, what can be done with all this excess cat hair? Well someone was bright enough to write a book, cwchCrafting with Cat Hair by Karoi Tsutaya.



While I love to read, books that tell me what to do make me angry, so I figured we would just wing it. I think the first step is collecting cat hair. You can keep it safe in a jar such as this one until you have enough for a project.


Once you collect what you think you will need, you can start laying out your project. Think about what you might like to make out of cat hair. I think… I will make a cat.


I did read something in the book about an iron, why don’t we start ironing?


It is probably best not to iron on a carpet, but I was very safe so it was okay. Turn your iron on the lowest setting and let the hair bake for about 20 minutes. Pretty soon it starts to take shape.



Within an hour, I had a fully-formed cat right before my very eyes!

 IMG_20160609_225402036  IMG_20160609_225924318  IMG_20160609_225537832


So, don’t try any of this at home, work, school, or basically anywhere. Actually, you should probably just check out Kerry’s blog since she knows what she is doing.

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