Happy Birthday to Me

Since tomorrow is my birthday, here is my wish list. Please send my gifts immediately.

-1 mouse who is too tired to run


-5 blankets (I only have 5, so I can double my sleeping spots with this gift)


-Peace & quiet

-Some sort of device that can be used to destroy combs and brushes

-A universal remote that is paw-friendly so that I can turn off the television when it interrupts my hunting.

-Muzzles for my people

-Tuna and fish

-10 empty cardboard boxes or 10 boxes of tuna

Really, if you would care to send me a gift, send something useful along to the shelter from which I was rescued. There are other cats and pups who may be in need of a new home and food, but at least they don’t have to put up with the terrible servants that I have!

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