A softball buddy told me she was going to be writing a book about me. I think she was joking, but maybe not. I am not sure if I should be worried, but the least I can do is help her out with a title. You may have heard not to judge a book by its cover, but I think you can completely judge it by its title. So here are some suggestions I have for her if she is being serious.

The Leaves Have Fallen: A Biography of Autumn

Heartless is the Way to Be: How to Rid Yourself of Emotions

I’m Out: The Memoirs of a Part-Time Lesbian First Basewoman

I Am Laughing on the Inside: Resting Bitch Face and More

Book Slut: Tales from Between the Covers

Don’t Shoot Until You See Their Bloodshot Eyes: Tales of a Revolutionary Zombie Hunter

No puedo parar la música en mi cabeza: Una memoria

Lights Out: My Love of Fighting in the Dark

I Write: Anything You Say or Do Can and Will Be Used Against You

Scratch: How I Taught My Cat to Play Pool

These are merely some suggestions since I don’t know what direction her book will take. But, I think I am eager to read it.

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