It isn’t because he is black

and it isn’t because she prays.

It isn’t because she drinks

that she is the one who pays.

It isn’t because he kisses boys

and it’s not because she loves her wife.

It’s not because his skin is dark

that he fears for his life.

It isn’t about his God or hers

and it’s not about his wealth.

It’s not because he is “normal”

that others hide with stealth.

It’s not because his dress

is prettier than her tux.

It’s not because society

cares who she fucks.

It’s not because his ancestors

were her family’s slaves.

It’s not because of his accent

that his family lay in graves.

It’s because one person

planted a deadly seed,

fed with hate and fear

and potted in soiled greed.

It only takes one person

to take a loving hand

and fix the garden growing

into a loving land.

It’s not about black or white

because the world is gray.

It’s not about you or me

because it’s about humanity.

© Autumn Siders 2016

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