Bees are Not a Toy

I see movement in the corner

and know the prey is mine.

Slinking along in the shadows

I silently bide my time.

The fluttering comes to a stop

and I know that time is now

so I jump with all my might

landing softly, yet with a pow!

In an instant I feel the pain

but a true warrior never can quit

a little sting never hurt anyone,

who am I kidding, it hurts like shit.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2016

Shopping Lists

It has always annoyed me when you are standing in line at the store and someone feels the need to comment on your purchase. Maybe this is because I try to avoid people altogether when I go to the store, but it feels like such an invasion of privacy even though your items are laid out for everyone to see. Being the smart ass that I am though, I always have an answer ready for every purchase I make. Here are a few of my most recent shopping lists that elicited some colorful comments.

  • Large jar of chopped garlic
  • 2 big rolls of duct tape

While standing in line, the customer in front of me commented, “that’s a lot of garlic!” I quickly replied, “yeah, how else am I going to duct tape a vampire to the wall?”

  • pens
  • dress pants
  • machete
  • NCIS season 5

As the cashier rings in my machete, “anyone can just buy these? No wonder there is so much violence.” Since I was making the purchase in a rough neighborhood, I decided to calm her fears, “oh, I only use the machete on zombies, but you should see what I can do with those pens.”

  • 20 gallons of water
  • lettuce
  • bag of chips

I always buy a lot of water since the tap water at home is undrinkable, but I guess to some this can seem odd as the person behind me in line says, “that’s a lot of water.” How original, I wonder how long it took him to come up with that one. Well, I had to fill him in on my plans with all that water, “just stockpiling since the end is nigh, may the force be with you.” I feel if you then push the cart away frantically, this adds effect.


Your perfume lingers

in the far reaches

of my adolescent mind

and ever so often

your memory is refreshed

by a sudden whiff

from a passerby

and in that instant

I am back at my desk

scribbling my tiny words

as I furiously translate

only to find out

that their love burned

just hot enough to destroy

as she fell upon

the very sword he gave

to her.

© Autumn Siders 2011