Bestseller Mash-Up Round 8

A Man Called Hamilton: A curmudgeon is hated by his town and country for his radical ideas, but saved by a cat after his neighbors crash into his mail box. Full of duels, politics, and stray cats this story will change the way you view the world.

The Little Paris Sympathizer: A French bookseller finally reads a letter left by his departed true love and he sets off on a trip to find answers. With the help of an Italian chef and a writer suffering from writer’s block, he discovers that his one true love was a undercover communist agent during the fall of the South Vietnamese government. Nobody’s perfect.

Valiant Girls: During the American Revolution, a girl falls into a cult and betrays not only her budding nation, but the commander who loved her best. As she falls deeper into the excitement of the cult, she comes closer to violence as she helps a nation realize the real danger comes from within.

Harry Potter and the End of Watch: After putting a dangerous serial killer in a vegetative state for five years, an aging employee of the Ministry of Magic must come to terms with his past which now puts his son in danger. When that killer awakes, all bets are off for muggles.

Grint: The Curious Science of Perseverance: Researching the science behind fashion, weapons, and tools used in war, a psychologist notes that what really drives people has nothing to do with I.Q. and everything to do with passion and perseverance. She also notes that war should be avoided and camo will never go out of style.

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