I Can No Other Answer Make

Words do not begin to explain

the feelings in my heart and brain.

The kindness bestowed upon me

whether I am worthy or not

is one that warms the heart

and is sure not to be forgot.

The bard himself knew too well

there are no other words to say

that capture what I need to tell.

So whether it be one day of the year

or every other one in between

know that my heart is forever full

of a love that is both felt and seen.

Thanks, is the answer I make

as my gratitude is yours to take.

© Autumn Siders 2016


Years from now the memory will be

all but faded from rusty brain

but there will be one solemn morsel

that in my aged mind will remain.

I will not recall why we had the box

nor even will I remember the year

but I will remember the laughter

bursting from within our hearts

and  filling us with tears.

© AUtumn Siders 2016