The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

On News:

The Good: I no longer have to worry when I read the news Monday mornings that there will be spoilers from The Walking Dead.

The Bad: All the news is about the recent childish antics from both sides of the political realm.

The Ugly: The news.

On Cats:

The Good: Cats are perfect.

The Bad: Cats are perfect.

The Ugly: Not applicable.

On Snow:

The Good: The first snow of the season is upon us!

The Bad: People can’t clean off their fuckin’ cars!

The Ugly: The brown colored snow pushed to the side of the road.

On Christmas:

The Good: Perhaps finding the Christmas spirit will lessen the debauchery and drama of a torn country.

The Bad: Jesus wasn’t born in December and we are actually celebrating a pagan holiday…let’s not tell the Christians (see above).

The Ugly: People think that this is a time of year to put our differences behind us and come together when really that’s kind of an all-year thing.

On The Walking Dead:

The Good: Michonne’s katana (it should really have a name)

The Bad: Lucille (see, she gets a name)

The Ugly: Abraham’s and Glenn’s brains smashed on the ground.


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