Move On

A has-been, washed up

before I even began.

Such a promising future

always leads to a dark end

when promises break

and souls cannot mend.

Too late now to go back,

just wipe my brow.

Head down and move forward,

since back is farther down,

time to carry the weight of it all,

remember to smile not frown.

© Autumn Siders 2017

Move On


I heard Pat the other day,
singing about some battlefield
and my thoughts went to you,

another casualty of the war.

Do you remember saying
that everyone you loved, left?
That every bond you made

was sure to break within time?

I’ve thought a lot on this
as over the years we’ve strayed
and if there was ever a way

our bond could be saved.

But, you always made it sound
as though it was a one-way street
and the more I see it now

I know you are correct.

It was never about us leaving you,
so I see how you could be so sure
that our bond would sever

at the hand of your blade.

© Autumn Siders 2017