You were the punk,
the class clown,
the troublemaker
all over town.

They talked down to you
tried to put a figure on your worth,
tried to tell you where you fit
in your place on planet earth.

We had so much in common
and yet, nothing at all
but your spirit drew me in
as I slowly broke your wall.

You were the chump,
the jerk,
the kid who never
turned in his work.

They never saw more
than their simple minds could see
and while they looked down on you
they always praised me.

But I knew deep down inside
that there was something more
as you got up on the stage that day
and your singing rocked me to the core.

You were the musician,
the hero,
the messenger to those
who were always zero.

You sat at the piano
and placed your hands on the keys
your green hair combed neatly
as you expelled notes to please.

“Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky…”

You were Lennon,
you were love,
the brick wall that would not break
no matter how hard they shove.

That was the first time
that I had ever heard that song
and each time I hear it now,
to you my memories belong.

We never spoke more
than a few words here and there
and I am sure to you I was nobody
in my imaginary pair.

But I was awed,
amazed at how
your voice sounded.

I think about you sometimes
and what you went on to do
and how you moved me that day
which I am sure you never knew.

 I’d like to imagine that the world
stopped trying to hold you down
and that you can live your life in peace
and still be the class clown.

You were the punk,
who sat behind me
in high school Latin I.

© Autumn Siders 2017

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