Bestseller Mash-Up Round 9

It’s Always Into the Water: Three college roommates share love, hate, and secrets as they grow up and go their own ways. When one dies in spot that has been surrounded by mysterious deaths for centuries, everyone wants to write it off as suicide. Did her husband kill her or was she drawn by some unseen force to take a final swim?

Shattered in Moscow: After a heated election in Russia, the losing candidate is sentenced to house arrest at the Metropol. She looks back at all the moments where her campaign went wrong as the world unfolds just outside her doors. She manages to find the wine cellar and although all the labels have been removed, she can still find a bottle to make her drunk.

Dragon Figures: In 1876, two paleontologists fight over bones in the Wild West. In an attempt to best his rival, one hires three black women to do what neither man can do: think. The three women not only help find bones, but they invent new methods in the field without receiving any notoriety for their work.

Mr. Art of Not Giving a F*ck: Part self-help and part autobiography, this book delves into the life of the infamous Mr. Rochester. Sent away by your father? Who cares? Banished to Jamaica? At least it’s warm. Crazy-ass wife? Get a cute mistress… I mean governess. Life sucks? Just don’t give a f*ck!

Lincoln of the Flower Moon: When a tribe of Indians is targeted for their wealth, the FBI gets called in to handle the case. Still in it’s infancy, the agency does a terrible job and soon the Indian Chief’s young son dies. In purgatory, his son’s spirit soon faces the same turmoil erupting topside. The Chief finds a way to visit his son in the afterlife which gives him answers for his worldly problems and where J. Edgar Hoover can get a good deal on pumps.

Memorial Day

Do you even remember who fought for your freedom
that you’re so willing to give up?
Do you know who died and who killed
as you stand at your grill and sup?

Do you enjoy your freedom while others have none?
Do you realize there is more than lawn games to be won?

Do you understand that some fought with pride
while others had no choice in how they died?
Do you know the cost of a human life
no matter who’s on either side of the knife?

Honorable women and men gave their lives
for the least honorable human act
so in their honor, let us wage peace
and try to think before we react;
remember the fallen and change our course,
no matter how high the odds are stacked
since freedom has never been free to all
and love is not an alternative fact.

© Autumn Siders 2017

Dear John

Of all the letters I wrote
that I will never send,
one begins with “Dear John”
and signifies the end.

Perhaps this one I will send
and pay extra for return receipt
so I know the exact moment
you learn I know of your deceit.

© Autumn Siders 2017


I have loved you since I met you
and I loved you before I knew.
I will love you longer than life
and I will love you for being you.
I have loved you in other lives
and I have loved you in many ways.
I have loved you in all seasons
and through the endless days.
I loved you in my heart
before my eyes were ever laid
upon your timeless beauty
which for another, I would not trade.
I love you with all my heart
and my life is yours to take
since love as strong as ours
will never seem to break.

© Autumn Siders 2017


The light blinds me
from what the dark
allows me to see
and the water I drink,
does not nourish,
but makes me sink.

Love that should save,
wraps me in chains,
its own wretched slave.
Hate that should burn
shows barely a spark
but still holds enough
to leave me its mark.

© Autumn Siders 2009

Embrace the Contraction

I’ve waited so long to meet you
can’t you please hurry up?
The clock’s counting down
and I’m waiting, little pup.

What’ve you been up to?
How’ve you passed your days?
My love’s been growing stronger
in so many different ways.

So when we finally meet,
I’ll tell you all about,
just how excited I am
that you’re finally out.

© Autumn Siders 2017