I’ve never had a better friend
and I’ve never known another
who loves so fiercely,
not just because you’re my mother.

There’s no one else to trust
and to you I’ll always turn
just as you can do to me
with the guarantee you won’t be burned.

It’s not just the bond we share
or that we’re stuck like glue,
it’s the fact that since day one,
I’ve always looked up to you.

© Autumn Siders 2017


Hate is such a strong word
but I use it freely

for this place,
for these people,
for the way that I feel daily.

Nature’s beauty aside
and the fresh country air

not the trees
nor the critters
beat the love that we share.

The only thing to get me through
these long miserable days

is your laugh,
is your smile,
which constantly amaze.

© Autumn Siders 2017


Those eyes are so trusting
so I have to ask why.
Why do you trust me,
when you know all my lies?

That heart so forgiving
and yet not to yourself
for things that you’ve done
that could not be helped.

Those hands so caring
and ready to jump in
but does it really matter
when I know you can’t win?

© Autumn Siders 2017

Up to Me

Goals have been met
and dreams achieved
but still there is a hole
in the heart upon my sleeve.

Ever so subtly it sits
hiding in plain sight
for some soul to catch it
and tell me to fight.

But while I wait for a savior,
I slowly decay
and you may never come,
so I guess it’s up to me.

© Autumn Siders 2017


Half-formed emotions

fill this empty soul

as I struggle to comprehend

what makes a human whole.

I’ve never shed a tear

for those I left behind

and the ones who’ve left me,

I will not try to find.

Life will carry on,

no matter what I choose

but I still won’t play these games

when I am certain I will lose.

© Autumn Siders 2011