Girl on the Train

You missed your train
and I was early for mine
so we shared a drink
as the stars aligned.
One drink led to two
as each train passed by
and soon we were stranded;
trapped in each other’s eyes.
Together in the city,
our fun wouldn’t end
as we traipsed all over town
more like lovers than friends.
The moon overhead,
and the stars shone too,
but not a single one brighter
than the beauty of you.
The city never sleeps
and neither would we
as our hearts fell deeper,
finally able to be free.
The sun began to rise
as we sat on the pier,
with the city behind us
and each train drawing near.
Your hand in mine,
as a new day began
and we shared a kiss
that was never the plan.
I walked you back
to the place that we met
and kissed you goodbye,
since you had a train to get.

© Autumn Siders 2017

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