Once your eyes shone brightly
burning hotter than the sun;
the flame growing ever higher
seeking answers on the run.

But answers turn to questions
that often leave you blind
as the moon obscures the sun
and darkens up your mind.

Now, your eyes burn red
as the shadow lies in wait,
feasting on your soul,
as you fester in your hate.

© Autumn Siders 2017


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I just want to be on my porch
and enjoy the summer night
as I wait for my foxy friend,
visible only by moonlight.

I never asked you to come
and I don’t get why you are here
this food is not for you,
I thought that I made that clear.

We are both black and white,
that’s obvious to tell
but you can be certain we differ
since you quite clearly smell.

So be on your way quickly
and please leave me be
while I wait for my true friend
to join me for tea.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2017


A cold, rainy summer day
and you blew in from the street
disheveled and soaking
but to my eyes, a treat.
I offered you a towel
and a warm place to rest
even brought you a coffee
which you claimed was the best.
The rain fell in sheets
with not and end in sight
so, presumptuous as it was,
I said you could spend the night.
A gentle smile with your eyes
as you set your coffee down
as my heart awaited your reply,
I thought it possible to drown.
But the smile spread to your cheeks
and my heart leapt in my chest
at the thought of you in bed,
perfectly undressed.

© Autumn Siders 2017

But with the Mind

Last night was a but a dream;
a result of a slumber so deep.
And as the morning sun sheds its light,
I slowly forget this foolish night.
To think there would ever be a time,
that I could truly call you mine.
But no amount of trickery or dust
can ever change to gold this rust.
As sleep dissipates from my eyes,
I find a new world full of lies
where love and hate are two of a kind
felt not only with the soul, but with the mind.

© Autumn Siders 2017

Take it from a Cat

The world is simple from my eyes,
I wish humans could see the same.
A nice nap and a meal will do
or maybe a cat and mouse game.

I fill my days with love for myself
so call me selfish if you will,
but I’ll never really hate you
unless you try to give me a pill.

Sure I am not loyal like a dog
but I think my pride’s enough
at least I spread no hatred
over superficial stuff.

Yes, I know I’ve killed,
but just a mouse or two
and not because of hatred
or who they prayed to.

I may not be the best judge
but at least I can see
that love will get me dinner faster
than will negativity.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2017