Me? No, Never

Me? No, never.
That’s the honest truth.
No man has disrespected
me or my worth.

I’ve seen it happen though,
to others
and I’ve realized one thing:

it matters not the sex
doing the disrespecting.

I’ve seen women cut men down
and I’ve seen men bleed women dry.
I’ve seen women cut women
and I’ve seen men watch other men die.

It’s not a battle of the sexes,
but a battle for our souls
as people disrespect people
and carry on like trolls.

I don’t mean to downplay
the abuses we discuss,
but the damage if far greater
than just them vs. us.

The problem isn’t men
and the problem isn’t women.
The problem is society
and its utter lack of humanity.

Me? No, never.
And I’ll never let it be.
And if you find you need a hand,
you can always count on me.

© Autumn Siders 2017


The blood, it doesn’t stop,
but I like the way it feels
like all the sins of today
are leaving just in time.
The warmth leaves my body,
pooled on the floor
as my skin grows colder
with every drop I lose.

Why’d you have to stop it
when it was simply meant to be?
I never asked to be saved
by anyone but me.

© Autumn Siders 2008


You search high and low
and turn on every light.
You search all day
and well into the night.
You ask me again
if I know where it is
but I am busy napping
and have no time for a quiz.
It’s my toy your looking for
and I just don’t care,
but you look all you like
since it’s hidden in my hair.

©Autumn and Emilita SIDERS 2017

Love, revisited

My heart races,
beating a warning
my brain is to dumb
to comprehend,

when has falling
ever been good!?

All the things
I thought I loved
turn slowly into
all the things
I hate.

Those big blue eyes
burn ice cold.
That witty tongue
bites through gold.

The heat of the moment
has become a heated moment
and finally love boils over
into hate.

© Autumn Siders 2017