This is all so new…
you know I don’t like change;
if only you had let me know,
things wouldn’t be so strange.

What’s that you say?
You told me every day?
Well this is the first I’ve heard;
your accusations are absurd.

Perhaps you told me
while I napped in peaceful bliss
but I can’t imagine ever
that I’d agree to this.

You moved my toys
and all my treats and beds
as if it were up to you,
where I rest my head.

I hope that you are happy
because I simply don’t agree
so the next time that you move,
you need permission from me!

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2017


Lights flicker out
and flames grow dim
lost in the space
between you and him.
Never did you think,
this too shall end
but now love is over,
he’s not even your friend.
Life carries on
with or without you,
so how shall it be
will you be happy or blue?
Nights will never be
as long as they are now
and the days will be torture,
a smile turned to a frown.
Miss him or hate him
but the answer is clear,
all of your problems
exist only in your mirror.

© Autumn Siders 2017