Simple as Fate

How many times before
had I seen you in my store?
What changed this time
that you won’t leave my mind?

How did it get this far
as if fated in the stars?
What would your answer be
if I asked to to join me?

Was it your eyes
or the way you move?
Why do I feel
like I have something to prove?

Was it when you said, “hi”
or when I said, “hello?”
Why do I feel the need
to beg you not to go?

How, the first time, did I not see,
your outer and inner beauty?
Why did I wait so long
to realize a bond so strong?

How then must we proceed?
I am at a loss, I concede.
Why must we complicate
something as simple as fate?

© Autumn Siders 2018

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