Loose Change

You know just who I am
and still you want someone else
to cater to your whims
and place you on the highest shelf.
But what more can I do
when we are both set in our ways?
And every day that passes
I fall deeper in your craze.
Do you feel it too
or am I just a fool?
Can two hearts so different
master a love so cruel?
I never thought I’d want
a partnership so strange,
but what harm could come,
from a little loose change?

© Autumn Siders 2018

Stay or Go

Have you ever thought about leaving?
Just forgetting where you live.
The pain of staying hurts so bad
like a shot struck with a shiv.
And each day you’re forced to stay
is one more closer to your grave
like you’re digging it yourself
since it’s only death that you crave.
Have you ever thought of staying?
What difference could you make?
Knowing that hatred boils
leaving all your love at stake.

© Autumn Siders 2018

Blood and Tears

Come a little closer
and I’ll show you how I feel;
with my claws extended,
the pain you’ll feel is real.
A little scratch here
and a rip or two there,
you’ll know to stay away;
I think that’s more than fair.
This here is my space
and it’s best you steer clear
unless along with blood,
you wish to leak some tears.

©Autumn and Emilita SIDERS 2018


Each scar tells a story
running straight to a nerve
as each tale unfolds
forgotten feelings emerge
and the words in the air
hang heavily about
soaking into each listener
baffled with doubt.
Each wound is a memory
both painful and true
of what happens to life
when it’s sent askew.

© Autumn Siders 2018