Here I am
at the proverbial crossroads
and like others before me
I stand alone.

I look left
and then I look right
knowing that my fate
is already set in stone.

I could travel
the same distance both ways
and never know
what never was.

I could stay here
and set up camp
living my life with no
purpose or cause.

The luxury some have
to take their time
and decide
while others
must move quickly
and not hide.

Frost, he could travel both
but a man I am not
so why not venture out,
change course,
and zig-zag between
what will be and
what might be?
Or yet again,
I could follow no path,
forge my own
and cover my tracks
so no other mortal
could ever find
the real me.

© Autumn Siders 2018

32 Minutes

You had fallen down the stairs
that don’t even exist
and had your throat slit
by a cat who was pissed.
You fell and bumped your head
and now you lay dead
as the the bugs settle in
making your flesh their bed.
You drown in the tub
as it carried you away,
claw feet scurrying
with no reason to stay.
You were killed by a madman
who got the upper hand
and left your corpse alone
as he fled to another land.
You choked upon a feast
and as you gasped for air
your final thoughts were “really?
I was killed by cat hair?”
You were run down by a car
or you were hanged with a cat toy,
you were eaten by a lion
or you were poisoned with soy.
All of this and more
is what ran through my mind
in thirty-two short minutes
were all the ways you died.
And then you called me back
to reveal behind the shroud
as you said, “sorry I couldn’t hear,
the vacuum was too loud.”

© AUtumn Siders 2018
32 Minutes


My physical scars
have only me to blame:

The divot above my eye
from scratching chicken pox,
the bump upon my head
caused by a nail,
the scratch down my cheek
from a cat less-than-impressed,
the discoloration on my knees
from racing trash cans down a hill.

My emotional scars
have only you to blame:

My inability to trust
which you, I obviously could not,
my lack of interest in love
which I thought was real with you,
my error in stringing others along,
which I learned from the best,
the wall around my heart
that I raced to build as you walked away.

© Autumn Siders 2017